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TestGuild Devops Toolchain Podcast

May 31, 2022

Few things are as persistent as a myth. In this episode, Mark Dawson, CEO of JabPerf Corp shares how to debunk five stubborn systems performance myths. Discover 5 of these stubborn performance myths, how to debunk them, and personal experience of dealing with them in the real world.

May 18, 2022

Want to know how to see the beauty of variance in your performance engineering efforts? In this episode, James Pulley, co-founder of PerfBytes, shares why variance is essential to creating realistic performance testing scenarios. Discover all about standard deviation as a measurement of the spread of data within a...

May 11, 2022

How cool would it be to enable SREs to automate observability, dashboards & alerting declaratively? In this episode, Andreas Grabner a DevOps Activist at Dynatrace shares all about the open-source tool Keptn. Discover how to save time through automated configuration of observability tools, creation of dashboards,...